Letter Person A Coloring Pages and Song

Meet Miss A.
She makes the short Aa sound as she SNEEZES all day long!
Someone get her a hanky!

"Well, I'm so happy to be Miss A.
And I'm so happy to come and play.
Oh dear I almost forgot to say,
that when I'm happy, I sneeze all day!

I s'pose you notice that when I sneeze,
I don't sneeze sneezes like others sneeze.
I blow my own kind of special breeze.
I mean, I sneeze in the way I please!

All day I'm sneezin'... Aaaa- choo!
When I get happy... Aaaa-choo!
Or silly slappy... Aaaa-choo!
Give me a hanky please 'cause I've got to sneeze! ... Aaaaa-choo!"
- Songs of The Letter People

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