Elephant Mask

These Elephant Masks gave me the giggles.
They were a bit awkward in assembly but, so worth it on the ADORABLE level.
The kids put them on once they were finished and we all started giggling.
Elephant 002
For this project you will need:
Paper Plates
Grey Construction Paper
Popsicle Sticks
Grey Crayons or Markers
An Elephant Ear Pattern (Both Right and Left Ears)

You will do:
Give each child a paper plate and have them color it grey.
Cut two holes for the eyes.
Cut a strip of Construction Paper and curl it for the trunk.
Draw your Ear Patterns. One sheet of Construction Paper for each ear. (It's best to have these drawn or copied before class.)
Cut out Ears and glue or tape them onto the plate.
Tape a popsicle stick onto the plate to use as mask handle.