K is for Kangaroo! / Kangaroo Pouch

Kk, Kk, Kk KAY!
Kk, Kk, Kk KAY!
Kay like a Kangaroo hopping all day!
Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, Kk, KAY!!!
For this Craft You Will Need:
Brown Construction Paper
Hole Punch

You Will Do:
When I say you, I mean your preschoolers of course! Allow your students to do as much as they can by themselves. With this activity, I cut out the half circles so that they would match in size, and attached the tape to the yarn, my students did the rest!

Cut out TWO half circles of brown construction paper. Be sure that the top one is 1/4 inch or so shorter than the bottom one, to ensure easier access to the pouch.
Punch holes along the rounded edge of your pouch pieces.
Using your Yarn, stitch the two pouch pieces together. Put a small piece of tape on your threading end to prevent the yarn from fraying. Leave 6-8 inches of yarn on each side of your pouch, at the top holes. See Picture Below. (These are used to tie pouch onto your preschooler.)
Write a capital letter K on the front of your pouch.
Secure around your preschooler's waste and there you've got yourself a Kangaroo!

Kangaroo Game
Once each preschooler has their pouch on, they are ready to put something in it, K's!

Make 25-30 cards with the Letter K on them.
Before class, place the K's around the classroom. Some visible some hiding.
Have your preschoolers hop around the room like Kangaroo's looking for K's.
Have them put their K's into their pouches to take home.