November Bulletin Board: Our Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree
Our Thankful Tree

Our theme for the month of November is "I am Thankful".
Fitting, right? :)

We've talked a lot about what it means to be thankful, what and who we are thankful for, and how we can show our gratitude.

For our Bulletin Board this month, each of my preschoolers told me something that they were thankful for. I Wrote those things down on some fall leaves and then put them on our Thankful Tree.
You can click on the image above to enlarge it and read the leaves.

I drew the fall leaf and then copied it onto colored paper.
You are welcome to use it if you'd like!

Click on the image to enlarge and print.

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Staigerfamily said...

Seriously? You freehanded this?!? That is some serious talent! So glad you shared it--because there is NO WAY I could draw a leaf like that!